Saturday, 7 January 2012

BruffDee BoWidgery


..... so what do you do when your little brother keeps stealing your Nonky Plonk? You ask your aunt to make him a BruffDee BoWidgery of course!

Many of you have asked about BruffDee BoWidgery and if he was ‘special’ and did he have a story. I didn’t know so I decided to ask him.

“BruffDee are you special, are you even a little bit magic, BruffDee BoWidgery do you have a story?”

Well he looked at me strangely, even a little bit slyly and said .....
“Shhhhh don’t you tell them, it’s all about feet!”

“Ahhhh, feet ”  I said “yes I see ........ please, please won’t you tell me?”
I had to promise to the secret but I had crossed fingers behind my back. I’m sure he didn’t see me, if he had, I bet I’d have gotten a smack!

He stood looking at me, and shuffling his feet said ......
“It’s me footsies, me feet, and their very big toes. I mean look at me toes, they’re even bigger than your nose!”

“Hmmm, I see” I said glancing down at his feet, and yes they were big, even huge you could say. And those toes ....... yup, way bigger than my nose.

“So BruffDee” I said smiling “are your feet magic, can they do magic tricks?”
And BruffDee just looked at me and said
“Pffffft, don’t be so thick! They’re cold, not magic you twit ....... “

I could see that being a problem so said ......
“How about wearing shoes?”

Well BruffDee just looked at me and sighing quietly said .......
“I can’t find shoes that fit them or even a sock, I find some, I try them but I never have any luck”

So now you know BruffDee’s story,
 and now when you’re asked ......

“where’s your other shoe, and........ have you lost another sock?”

You can say .......

“BruffDee he stole them, he has cold feet you see.
They’re under HIS bed!
I haven’t lost them .......honest ....... wasn't me.

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